Paper Package


We offer a complete range of trays in various formats and materials, such as pulped paper and pressed paper, to meet every need.

Our biodegradable pulped paper trays are unique and exclusive to Solpak! Their advantages are many: they can go directly from freezer to mi-crowave or conventional oven, they offer superior heat retention while remaining cool to the touch, and they enhance the meal presentation.

Dual-Ovenable Pulped Paper Trays
Dual-Ovenable Pressed Paper Trays
Plastic Package


Our dual-openable plastic trays, made of CPET in recyclable plastic, are available in a wide variety of styles, including family and bulk sizes.

They add a professional look to your meals and are compatible with our tray sealers. You will impress your clients with this line.

Recyclable Plastic Dual-Ovenable Trays
Recyclable Lunch Box and Trays
Recyclable Cups