Welcome to Toronto Kosher!

Tzvi from Toronto Kosher has chosen our eco-friendly pulped paper trays for their frozen meals.  These meals are sealed with our 1308 tray sealer, improving their productivity all the while preserving the environment. We encourage you to drop into their store located at 3459 Bathurst St, North York when shopping for your kosher products.   Welcome [...]

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Welcome to PurePrep!

Solpak is delighted to welcome Julie Guérard and her team at PurePrep!  PurePrep is a whole food, plant-based delivery service.  Their meals are prepared the natural way, using colourful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes. They have chosen our easy-to-use 1308 tray sealer, as well as our pressed paper trays for their meal packaging [...]

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Welcome to La Fabrique Gourmande!

Solpak is happy to welcome La Fabrique Gourmande and its founder, Isabelle Magny.  La Fabrique Gourmande not only offers an array of nutritious products made of local ingredients (cookies, bars, granolas), they also provide meatless dishes to daycare centres.  Made with the same attention and awareness towards the environment, using only regional products and eco-friendly [...]

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Welcome to the Centre d’Action Bénévole Beauharnois!

It is with great pleasure that we count among our distinguished clientele, the Centre d’Action Bénévole Beauharnois. When it came time to review their packaging and transportation methods for their meals on wheels program, Director Louise Lebrun and her team chose Solpak as their trusted partner. They have chosen our model 1308 heat sealer model, [...]

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A warm welcome to Luciana and her team at Go Light Be Fit in Burlington, ON.

Go Light Be Fit offer their customers healthy eating habits.  Their healthy meal options, made mostly from organic and always with fresh product, are made on the day of delivery.  We encourage you to visit their website to view their delivery area. Solpak's 1308 model tray sealer was a perfect fit for Luciana’s Go Light Be [...]

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Welcome to Gloria and her team at Ketolibriyum in London, Ontario

Ketolibriyum offers an assortment of 100% Ketogenic meals - gluten free, sugar-free, low-carb, high-fat!  Freshly made and ready to heat and serve, Ketolibriyum’s assortment of meals is one-stop keto shopping, delivered to your door.  They also offer desserts, baked goods, snacks and other Keto products.   Solpak’s 1308 sealing equipment is the perfect solution for [...]

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A warm welcome to Bistro Vie in Brantford, Ontario

Candice and her team at Bistro Vie offer familiar dishes, vegan style!  Some examples amongst their assortment of comfort foods are Lasagna, Smoking Sheppard’s Pie and Creamy Curry Chicken.  All of which are ready to heat-and-eat! Candice has chosen the 1208 sealing equipment for her Bistro Vie kitchen, as it is compact and easy to [...]

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Solpak wishes a warm welcome to Le Pignon Bleu!

Founded in 1991 in Quebec City, Le Pignon Bleu is committed to children’s food security.  They offer various programs, such as nutritious snacks for children, as well as offering nutrition classes to help promote healthy lifestyle habits.  Le Pignon Bleu supports children and families in different disadvantaged sectors of Quebec City. Linda Laquerre and her [...]

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