A warm welcome to Wahta Mohawks, new to Ontario!

Wahta Mohawks has chosen our eco-friendly pulped paper trays along with our 1208 heat sealer for the delivery of their meals in their community.  The 1208 sealing equipment allows their trays to be sealed quickly and easily, allowing them to deliver fresh tasting and delicious meals every time.   Solpak wishes the team at Wahta [...]

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Welcome to La Petite Gamelle!

The Solpak team wishes a warm welcome to La Petite Gamelle located in Lyster, Quebec.  Martin and Nancy have chosen Solpak as their trusted partner for a more sustainable solution for their ready-to-serve meal packaging.   Following their purchase of two O1308 tray sealers, along with compostable and dual ovenable pulp paper trays, we our [...]

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Welcome to Héritage Kalamata!

Heritage Kalamata located on Bélanger Street in Montreal chose Solpak’s packaging systems to offer their customers their delicious, hand-stuffed olives, in ready to serve formats and environmentally friendly containers. After several tests, we have confirmed with satisfaction that the oil and olives do not affect the quality of the tray and remain watertight even after [...]

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Congratulations on your new acquisition!

Solpak is thrilled to include Reconnect Community Health Services as our newest Thermogo customer. Reconnect community services went forward with the purchase of an insert oven, optimizing on their hot meal deliveries and services, and ensuring the delivery of hot meals to their clients.  Congratulations on your new acquisition and great services!

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Welcome to Vision Gaspé-Percé Now!

The Solpak team welcomes Vision Gaspé-Percé Now, who have purchased a model O1208 heat sealer and 16 oz compressed paper trays. Thanks to the concerted efforts of various stakeholders, VGPN has announced the resumption of the frozen meal service on the territory between Grande-Vallée and Coin-du-Banc, including Murdochville. With the well-being of people in need [...]

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Welcome Plats Cuisinés B.V.M.

Welcome to Nathalie who manages her specialty food business in Montreal on rue Masson, Les Plats Cuisinés B.V.M.. Nathalie has migrated the production of her dishes to Solpak SLT trays in order to offer her customers dual-ovenable and ecological options. Nancy, the entire Solpak team supports you with your prepared food packaging systems and we thank [...]

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