Welcome to La Joyeuse Marmite Collective Kitchens

It is with profound joy that we welcome La Joyeuse Marmite collective kitchens into the Solpak family.  In September 2001, the CLSC-CHSLD Meilleur, the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul company, the volunteer bureau and volunteers united to create La Joyeuse Marmite collective kitchens. This partnership was born out of a shared desire to promote self-sufficiency and promote healthy lifestyle habits. [...]

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Welcome to La Soupiere Joliette-Lanaudiere

We are pleased to welcome La Soupiere Joliette-Lanaudiere to the Solpak family!  La Soupiere Joliette-Lanaudiere is an organization whose mission is to support people facing various difficulties affecting their quality of life, without discrimination. La Soupiere Joliette-Lanaudiere is also a space where people can get together and learn all about healthy eating, with a welcoming [...]

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Scanway Catering upgrades its meal packaging

Scanway Catering has been part of the Solpak family for a little over a year.  Solpak helps Scanway Catering safely package its food while still showcasing its high-end ready meals. Thanks to its partnerships with the Marriott Hotels and Glen Arbour Golf Clubs, Scanway Catering saw its volumes per day double.  Ankur and its team continue to [...]

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Welcome to Barry’s Bay & Area Support Services

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Barry’s Bay & Area Senior Citizens Home Support Services (BBAHS) to the Solpak family.  BBAHS improves the quality of life of seniors living at home in and around Barry’s Bay by offering a range of services.  Included are their senior meal programs, providing hot and frozen nutritious [...]

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Welcome to Shannex Inc.

We have the great pleasure of welcoming Shannex Inc. to the Solpak family!  Shannex Inc. is a leader in seniors’ accommodation, service, and care. It also provides home care, retirement living, among other services in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario, and has been doing so since 1988.  Above all, Shannex Inc. has always been committed [...]

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Welcome to the NOSH Group

We are happy to welcome the Wilson Memorial General Hospital and the McCausland Hospital as part of the NOSH Group into the Solpak family!  The Wilson Memorial General Hospital built back in 1946, has been improving the health of surrounding 7500-strong communities ever since. It has been serving the communities of Marathon, Heron Bay, Pic River First [...]

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5 reasons to seal your meal containers

Concerns have arisen since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. There are concerns regarding the actual duration of the COVID-19 crisis, a possible second wave, the future of the food industry. On top of this, a large number of restaurants have decided to close their dining rooms, some are now delivering meals, others are preparing [...]

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Welcome to Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc. to the Solpak family!  Peter Mercanti of Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc. is one of Hamilton’s hospitality pioneers. Peter's innovations have reinvigorated food and hospitality in the Hamilton area. Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc. continues to do so, with the help of Chef Steve Rydtschenko [...]

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Welcome to Moisson Kamouraska

After Moisson Estrie, Moisson Outaouais, we are pleased to welcome Moisson Kamouraska to the Solpak family!  Moisson Kamouraska is a food bank that covers 6 regions (Montmagny, L'Islet, Kamouraska, Rivière-du-Loup, Témiscouata, and the Basques). It distributes food directly to people by appointment and through accredited organizations. Improving the quality of life of those living in [...]

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Welcome to Complexe Le Partage

We are delighted to welcome Complexe Le Partage to the Solpak family!  Complexe Le Partage's mission is to offer mutual aid, support, training, and integration services to disadvantaged families and individuals in the Kateri region. Complexe Le Partage has been looking after the well-being of the community, improving social economy and food security for almost [...]

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