Solpak - Compétent et fiable. Simple, rapide, amical

Solpak is a reknowned meal packaging & delivery solutions distribution and service provider in Canada.

It serves more than 300 organisations and appeals to foodservice operations looking for turn key and eco-friendly meal packaging as well as efficient delivery solutions. Whether focused on Home Support, School Catering, Hospital, Jail or private markets, they appreciate the innovative packaging and delivering options it offers, feel good about its ecofriendly impact and happy wih the peace of mind a full service all-inclusive partner like Solpak can offer.

Customers enjoy ease of access to order supplies or servicing with friendly and competent team members. Response and delivery is fast and efficient because of efficient systems established to achieve the vision of a tightly well oiled machine.

Team members are happy to come to work, feel they are growing personally and be remunerated above the job market average. They live and breathe Solpak’s core principles.

Fast, Reliable, Simple, Friendly, Competent.