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A no-mess solution. Our bowls offer an appealing, appetizing way to present your soups, side salads or desserts! The cups are perfect for juices, sauces and other cold liquids.


  • No mess

    The cups and bowls close hermetically, making them more secure.
  • Clean solution

    Sealed liquids are protected from mess and cross-contamination.
  • Convenient

    Our cups and bowls are easy to stack.
  • Hot and cold

    The Cup O Soup bowl is suitable for hot and cold foods, while the cups are used only for cold items.
  • Attractive presentation

    Your appetizing meals are visible through the transparent film.
  • Microwave and conventional oven

    Your Cup O Soup bowls can be reheated up to a maximum temperature of 82 °C/180 °F.


Ideal for

Soups, chilies


8 oz.
3.8 x 2.3 in.

Ideal for

Pudding, fruit salad


4 oz.
3 x 2.0625 in.

Ideal for



6 oz.
3 x 3 in.

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