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Welcome to Fooducoin Inc.

It is with interest that we will follow this young company of Le Plateau Mont-Royal. What a great idea! A bicycle delivery service for restaurants and services in the neighborhood. The company provides local merchants visibility, by offering an ecological delivery service. True partner of the area, Fooducoin wants to get involved in the community [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:20-05:00 27 July 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome to La Présence Famille Saint-Augustin

Welcome to our new client La Présence Famille Saint-Augustin. Francine Sherry, Pascale Pelletier and their team are starting up the Meals on Wheels program for their community again. With the help of chef Marc Roy of Les Jardins du Haut St Laurent, they will distribute nourishing meals and soups packaged using a 1208 model Oliver tray sealer [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:20-05:00 25 July 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome to l’Académie HTL

Welcome to l'Académie Hotel and Tourism of Lanaudière which is the culinary training program of the Commission Scolaire des Samares. Marcello Saillant Seccarieccia and administrator Stephane Toustou, after much consideration and research to find ecological and safe meal packaging for the prepared meals, produced by the students under the watchful eyes of their instructors and [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:20-05:00 19 July 2016|News, Our clients|