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How about enriching yourself?

According to the dictionary a volunteer is a person of good will, realizing an action without profiting from material gain. But what is it really a volunteer? Discover it through the 43rd volunteer week taking place right now. Visit the FCABQ or the PRASAB websites for more details. Small gestures for great enrichment!

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Welcome to Buddy’s Gourmet

Welcome to Frank Bozzo and his daughter Melany of Buddy’s Gourmet in Concord, Ontario. They have equipped themselves with a 1308 model Oliver tray sealer in order to supply their meals to retail outlets in the Toronto area. Using Solpak’s ecological packaging solutions will allow them to discuss important new contracts with local groups looking [...]

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Welcome to Alphabet Kids!

The Solpak team members wish a warm welcome to Tasma Reny and her staff.  Alphabet Kids have been supporting active families across the York, North York and Markham regions by offering them a wide selection of balanced school meals.  Thought a convenient online platform, customer can make their selection of meals and plan their delivery [...]

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Back at Solpak and available for you!

Following my official return last Monday, after several months of maternity leave, Let's get in touch to know if you have any needs, questions or projects that you would like to discuss quickly. I am at your disposal and it will be pleasure to help you, whatever the project!  

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Welcome Plentiful Harvest!

It is always motivating to visit our clients and to observe the importance of their support to their communities We are privileged at Solpak to do business with many Meals on Wheels programs and social insertion programs. We salute and congratulate all the efforts and accomplishments of all our  not-for-profit clients and the valuable contribution [...]

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