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A new addition to the SLT line of trays.

As we had announced this autumn, the PT-16oz tray got a makeover! A new 16 oz tray is now available in the SLT line of trays.  This new SLT tray (O61902) is replacing the PT 16 oz. (O54103) Like all SLT products, this new tray is stronger and has a better liquid barrier due to an improved [...]

2017-01-24T11:30:52-05:00 24 January 2017|News, Our Products|

Do you know our multi-temperature transport solutions?

Need a hand to keep your food at the right temperature until your last delivery? Whether you are a caterer, a school caterer, Meals on Wheels, a restaurant or a bakery, we have a solution for you! Thermogo, multi-temperature transport solutions. In one vehicle, transport hot, cold, frozen or at room temperature food. In addition, [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19-05:00 19 October 2016|Our Products|

What’s baking at Solpak?

Solpak is always looking for new ways to extend their offer to their clients. That is why our Founder & President David Salerno has decided to expand our portfolio which will make us a privileged Oliver Bakery Products distributor in Quebec. It’s coming! The proof? Mark Pierson, Regional Sales Manager for Oliver, came last week [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19-05:00 10 September 2016|News, Our Products|