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Welcome “Traiteur Simplement Sucré Salé!”

Karine Racicot, having worked with Oliver's tray sealers and Solpak packaging at a former employer, knew exactly what she was looking for when starting up, with her husband Bryan, her own business, offering healthy meals to the population of her region. We welcome them with pleasure as our new clients. Definitely well organized from the [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:18-05:00 13 December 2016|Our clients|

Welcome Popote Mobile de la Baie!

For several years, we have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tremblay and the management team of the Popote Mobile de la Baie at the annual meeting of PRASAB, the Quebec association of Meals on Wheels.We are always there to meet the members, including many of our clients, to discuss the needs and challenges of [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:18-05:00 8 December 2016|Our clients|

Welcome Hippi Poutine!

The Solpak team wants to wish their new customer Hippi Poutine a warm welcome. Located on St-Denis Street in Montreal and a few steps away from the well-known Carre St-Louis,  Hippi Poutine and its owner Antoine Besson, offers a wide selection of burgers and poutines inspired from the five continents.  Whether you choose to eat [...]

2016-12-07T23:47:04-05:00 7 December 2016|Our clients|

Welcome to our new client Evolvd

A warm welcome to our new client “Evolvd” and their owner Keren Reiser nutritionist.  Her team offers “Gluten Free” and “Paleo” meals that can be ordered through their web plate form and delivered at your convenience whether to your home, office or even at your favourite training centre.  Enjoy fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat or poultry, nuts [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:18-05:00 3 December 2016|Our clients|

Welcome to our new client Frank Bottos

The Solpak team is pleased to welcome our new client Frank Bottos, but it is with particular pleasure that I personally welcome this new client and that I anticipate tasting the meals prepared by his associate Narissa, during my upcoming February vacation. Frank acquired an Oliver 1208 model tray sealer and all the material necessary [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:18-05:00 1 December 2016|Our clients|