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Welcome Plats Cuisinés B.V.M.

Welcome to Nathalie who manages her specialty food business in Montreal on rue Masson, Les Plats Cuisinés B.V.M.. Nathalie has migrated the production of her dishes to Solpak SLT trays in order to offer her customers dual-ovenable and ecological options. Nancy, the entire Solpak team supports you with your prepared food packaging systems and we thank [...]

2018-05-23T21:53:35-04:00 23 May 2018|News|

Welcome to the Carrefour des Retraités located, in the Montreal-North District.

The Carrefour des Retraités offers balanced meals within the community. In order to meet the growing demands and optimize their efficiency in the kitchen, the Carrefour des Retraités team turned to Solpak. We are very pleased to have you with us and the entire Solpak team welcomes you.

2018-05-16T23:37:38-04:00 16 May 2018|News|