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District 28, new to Ontario!

Welcome to Sasha and his team at District 28, located just east of the Toronto downtown core.   District 28 is committed to capturing your taste buds with their diverse and delectable cuisine.  They have chosen to use an assortment of our pulped and pressed paper trays for their packaged meals.  Eco-friendly and dual ovenable [...]

2018-08-10T15:48:25-04:00 21 August 2018|News|

A warm welcome to Wahta Mohawks, new to Ontario!

Wahta Mohawks has chosen our eco-friendly pulped paper trays along with our 1208 heat sealer for the delivery of their meals in their community.  The 1208 sealing equipment allows their trays to be sealed quickly and easily, allowing them to deliver fresh tasting and delicious meals every time.   Solpak wishes the team at Wahta [...]

2018-08-10T15:25:21-04:00 16 August 2018|News|

Welcome to La Petite Gamelle!

The Solpak team wishes a warm welcome to La Petite Gamelle located in Lyster, Quebec.  Martin and Nancy have chosen Solpak as their trusted partner for a more sustainable solution for their ready-to-serve meal packaging.   Following their purchase of two O1308 tray sealers, along with compostable and dual ovenable pulp paper trays, we our [...]

2018-08-10T15:08:53-04:00 13 August 2018|News|