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Welcome to Héritage Kalamata!

Heritage Kalamata located on Bélanger Street in Montreal chose Solpak’s packaging systems to offer their customers their delicious, hand-stuffed olives, in ready to serve formats and environmentally friendly containers. After several tests, we have confirmed with satisfaction that the oil and olives do not affect the quality of the tray and remain watertight even after [...]

2018-07-23T14:05:24-04:00 24 July 2018|News|

Congratulations on your new acquisition!

Solpak is thrilled to include Reconnect Community Health Services as our newest Thermogo customer. Reconnect community services went forward with the purchase of an insert oven, optimizing on their hot meal deliveries and services, and ensuring the delivery of hot meals to their clients.  Congratulations on your new acquisition and great services!

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