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Welcome to Maisonneuve College!

The Solpak team members wish a warm welcome to Maisonneuve College and their dietetic department.  They have chosen to move forward with the 1208 tray sealer and 32 oz pressed paper trays.  The department wanted to provide their dietetic students with an efficient meal packaging system and more sustainable packaging products. We are proud to [...]

2018-03-21T09:02:56-04:00 21 March 2018|News|

Welcome to “Les Délices du Boucher!”

The Solpak team welcomes Les Delices du Boucher. Julie Fournier and her team opted for the 1208 model heat sealer, as well as the 16 oz compostable trays from the SLT line and the PT 3 section trays, for the packaging of their prepared meals. In addition to serving Le Rucher, Explorami and Alternative schools [...]

2018-03-06T15:06:30-05:00 14 March 2018|News|

Welcome to the Centre D’Action Bénévole de la région de Matane!

Solpak’s team members would like to wish a warm welcome to the Meals on Wheels services, in the region of Matane.  They have opted to go forward with our 1208 tray sealer model, our 21oz compostable SLT trays, as well as our thermal bags for the delivery of their hot meals. Their meals are delivered [...]

2018-03-06T14:53:54-05:00 12 March 2018|News|

Welcome to “La Table ronde of St-Leonard”!

La Table ronde in St-Léonard is a non-profit organization that provides food services in its community. After two months of using of our trays and heat sealing system, they shared their satisfaction with us: - Less handling in the kitchen. - Customer satisfied with a dual-oven solution. - Before, the lids sometimes broke when the [...]

2018-03-06T14:37:03-05:00 10 March 2018|News|

Welcome to the Laval caterer, “La boîte à lunch” !

“La boîte à lunch” offers a variety of prepared meals available in-store and on delivery. The selected trays allow them to offer their customers meal trays that are suitable for both microwave and conventional ovens, which do not require overwrapping and which can be stacked for delivery. Thank you for choosing Solpak’s equipment and meal [...]

2018-03-06T14:27:20-05:00 8 March 2018|News|

Welcome to our new client from Gatineau, Campus 3!

Campus 3 offers fresh and frozen meals to seniors, as well as 150 daily hot meals to apartment units. Mr. Delannoy chose to switch from a vacuum sealed meal system, to Solpak's pulp paper trays.  This switch not only increased his efficiency of meal packaging in the kitchen but also provided his customers with more [...]

2018-03-06T14:13:24-05:00 6 March 2018|News|