Congratulation to Resto La Bonne Assiette!

//Congratulation to Resto La Bonne Assiette!
  • Resto La Bonne Assiette

Congratulation to Resto La Bonne Assiette!

Congratulations to our client Aurore Guerrette and her team at Resto La Bonne Assiette in New Brunswick.

First of all, the Resto La Bonne Assiette has obtained two important new contracts in different municipalities of New Brunswick, resulting in the need two new 1308 tray sealers systems.

These new contracts are surely not a matter of luck, but rather speak to the quality of the Resto’s meals, an interesting marketing offer and Mme Guerrette’s  energy and salesmanship to produce this success.

In addition, we must also believe that the ecological and safe packaging provided by Solpak, which is easy to use both in the kitchen and for students receiving the meals, is also a positive contributing factor.

We appreciate Mme Guerrette’s loyalty to Solpak and are most proud to contribute to the growth and success of Resto La Bonne Assiette.

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