Manon’s return and Trina’s musical chairs

//Manon’s return and Trina’s musical chairs

Manon’s return and Trina’s musical chairs

As some of you may have noticed, Manon is recently back from an extended leave of absence.  She is in top shape and happy to get back in the game with the service team.  She will gladly assist you again with your orders, questions on your account and other servicing needs.

Trina, who was covering for Manon in her absence, will stay on with the Solpak team but will play musical chairs and move over to the advisors team as their coordinator, business development.  She got the Solpak bug and the timing could not have been better with the need for that new position, especially with the accelerated growth that Solpak has been living in the last few months.

Manon, welcome back to the team and Trina, all the best with your new position!


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