Welcome Finlandia Nursing Home

//Welcome Finlandia Nursing Home

Welcome Finlandia Nursing Home

Having met Wendy Chokan of the Finlandia Nursing Home at the beginning of 2016 at the Restaurant show in Toronto, it was a matter of time and planning for the Finlandia team to put all the elements in place to use a Solpak meal packaging solution ( a 1308 model Oliver tray sealer with 3 compartment trays and our famous cup-o-soup) to serve their major client, the local meals-on-wheels program in Sudbury.

The safety of the packaged meals, ease of sealing and the fact that the meal trays could easily be used in a microwave and  a conventional oven, were all key factors in their decision .

Preparing for a February start with the new system, Ms. Chokan was delighted to be able to benefit from our fall promotion and save her organization $350.00, considering that budgets, like everywhere else, are always tight.

Other uses within the homes’ operations are planned for the system in order to maximize benefits.

Welcome to the Solpak family and congratulations on your great work for the community.

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