Welcome Popote Mobile de la Baie!

//Welcome Popote Mobile de la Baie!

Welcome Popote Mobile de la Baie!

For several years, we have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tremblay and the management team of the Popote Mobile de la Baie at the annual meeting of PRASAB, the Quebec association of Meals on Wheels.We are always there to meet the members, including many of our clients, to discuss the needs and challenges of Meals on wheels programs. Each year, we see the growth of the Meals on wheels groups and it is motivating to us to be able to support the various organizations. This year, Popote Mobile de la Baie and its manager Denise Gaudreault, that felt the growth of their organization and the need to have a packaging solution that would be more efficient in the kitchen, while being more ecological  as well as more convenient and safer for their clients.

With the installation of an Oliver 1308 model tray sealer, they are well placed to accelerate their growth  all for the benefit of the population of La Baie, a picturesque village in the Saguenay region of Québec.

Congratulations on your decision and your service to the community and welcome to the Solpak family!

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