Welcome Sepha Food Group!

//Welcome Sepha Food Group!

Welcome Sepha Food Group!

Welcome to our new client , Mona and Mark Pasternak and their team at Sepha Catering, a key part of the Sepha Food Group, a major force in the Toronto area, offering kosher (certified COR) meals from their HACCP certified kitchen.

Already working with a 1908 model automated tray sealer, they were looking for a more ecological product to better meet the tightening criteria of their government clients as well as the major Meals on wheels operations in Toronto. The compostable paper based trays from Solpak has allowed them to respect  the new norms and even to seek out potential new contracts. An additional 1908 tray sealer is a real possibility, in order for them to meet the important new demands on their production.

Welcome and please know that the Solpak team is there to support you in your efforts.

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