We are excited to welcome Carefor Lancaster, Carefor Alexandria, Carefor Finch, and Carefor Ingleside into the Solpak family.

Carefor Health & Community Services first established in 1897, was the first branch of the Victorian Order of Nurses – Canada’s first national community nursing and health care organization. 

Over 120 years later, Carefor remains a staple of the Ontarian community, providing a wide range of programs and services, supporting clients of all ages and their caregivers. Services include nursing, personal support services, assisted living options, rehabilitation, homemaking support, respite, and more. On top of those, Carefor offers a variety of community programs from exercise and social activities, to non-medical transportation, meals-on-wheels, and adult day programs. 

Today, Carefor has over 1300 staff working closely with clients and caregivers alike, to create and deliver a flexible care plan that is tailored to the individual’s needs. 

Demand for their meals-on-wheels program has significantly increased since the beginning of the crisis. That is why Carefor which already uses Solpak products in their Nor-Dun location with lots of success, chose to upgrade their 4 additional sites with the same meal packaging systems in Lancaster, Alexandria, Finch & Ingleside.

To keep up with the high demand, Carefor chose our 1308 Tray Sealer to seal our biodegradable Pulped Paper, Pressed Paper trays, and Cup-O-Soup bowls. Once sealed, its staff will transport meals using our Thermal Delivery Bags, Heat Pack, and Lava Pack to keep them at an ideal temperature. 

Thank you for choosing Solpak again!