Welcome to Ferme Jeunes au Travail!

//Welcome to Ferme Jeunes au Travail!

Welcome to Ferme Jeunes au Travail!

The Solpak team would like to welcome La Ferme Jeunes au Travail. 

La Ferme Jeunes au Travail is a community organization that invites young, Laval residents aged 16 to 25 to develop their personal, social and professional skills. Jeunes au Travail aims at integrating young people into the job market or returning to school. Thanks to their efforts, the organization develops various quality products and services related to organic farming, food processing, customer service, as well as building furniture and wooden objects.

The 1208 model heat sealer and eco-friendly pulped and pressed paper trays helps them with their tasty, prepared meals.

We thank them for their trust and look forward to following them in their projects.

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