We are happy to welcome La Grande Table into the Solpak family. 

La Grande Table has been working to improve people’s quality of life living on low incomes or in precarious situations for over 25 years. Over time, La Grande Table has developed several services to meet these individuals’ needs, giving them access to a healthy and balanced diet. La Grande Table offers four services: Le Resto, Les P’tites boîtes à déjeuner, Les Econo-lunchs, and Les Congelés futés. 

To help him deliver meals at the ideal temperature served in eco-friendly containers, Daniel chose Solpak, as recommended by La Cantine pour tous. More specifically, Daniel chose our 1308 Tray Sealer and our biodegradable Pulped Paper trays to improve its systems.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner, Daniel! Thank you for the support, warmth, and understanding you bring to the families and people who call upon your services.