Welcome to our new client Frank Bottos

//Welcome to our new client Frank Bottos

Welcome to our new client Frank Bottos

The Solpak team is pleased to welcome our new client Frank Bottos, but it is with particular pleasure that I personally welcome this new client and that I anticipate tasting the meals prepared by his associate Narissa, during my upcoming February vacation.

Frank acquired an Oliver 1208 model tray sealer and all the material necessary to package the meals of Narissa’s Thai Cuisine that will be delivered to homes and condos as well as sold in the markets of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this winter.

The experience of Solpak’s many customers who deliver meals were a major factor in Mr. Bottos’ decision, as he was looking for an ecological solution, but most importantly a safe solution, considering the hilly streets of Puerto Vallarta.


Richard Paradis

Advisor, Products and Solutions

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