Welcome to our new client, Supperworks!

//Welcome to our new client, Supperworks!

Welcome to our new client, Supperworks!

Supperworks, a chain of 10 stores including their Head Office in Oakville, Ontario, are at the forefront of current tendencies in the industry, offering not only meal kits to their customers, but also kitchen spaces where clients can prepare their own meals, avoiding the clean-up that one would have at home and without worrying about the “prep” work normally required. For those clients who are really short of time, they also offer prepared packaged and heat sealed meals ready to be reheated at home.

Previously using plastic trays that could only be used in microwaves, owners Michel Godmaire and Nancy Benyo were delighted when Solpak presented them with a more ecological pulped paper based tray that could also be used in a conventional oven and did not crack when frozen, hence a better solution for their customers.

It is a pleasure to welcome Supperworks as a client and to contribute to their growing success.

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