Welcome to Vision Gaspé-Percé Now!

//Welcome to Vision Gaspé-Percé Now!

Welcome to Vision Gaspé-Percé Now!

The Solpak team welcomes Vision Gaspé-Percé Now, who have purchased a model O1208 heat sealer and 16 oz compressed paper trays. Thanks to the concerted efforts of various stakeholders, VGPN has announced the resumption of the frozen meal service on the territory between Grande-Vallée and Coin-du-Banc, including Murdochville.

With the well-being of people in need at heart, offering many home services, frozen meals are part of the solution. The participation of the OMH kitchens, Multi Services, C.A.B Hauban, L’Accueil Blanche-Goulet and the many volunteers who distribute the meals to the beneficiaries must be highlighted.

We are proud to count you among our client partners.

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