We are honored to welcome Welcome Hall Mission to the Solpak family. 

Initially founded in 1892, Mission Bon Accueil has become the largest gateway help for Montrealers in need. Welcome Hall Mission offers several support programs to homeless people, young mothers, underprivileged families, and youth in difficulty. You can find healthy grocery options so that people can prepare their meals at home, as well as daily meal services that serve nutritious meals to Montrealers in need of these programs.  

Gabriel needed a solution to meet the growing need for his meals. With the government opening the former Royal Vic Hospital to accommodate homeless people, Gabriel needed a solution that was safe and easy to deliver and transport meals between sites. 

Following a recommendation from Frederick of Accueil Bonneau, Gabriel chose Solpak and our highly effective 1308 Tray Sealer in order to tightly and securely seal our Pulped Paper trays. Their new Solpak systems will enable Gabriel and his team to streamline their processes and improve efficiency and we couldn’t be prouder. 

Thank you for trusting us with your packaging systems, Gabriel!