Welcome Plentiful Harvest!

//Welcome Plentiful Harvest!

Welcome Plentiful Harvest!

It is always motivating to visit our clients and to observe the importance of their support to their communities

We are privileged at Solpak to do business with many Meals on Wheels programs and social insertion programs. We salute and congratulate all the efforts and accomplishments of all our  not-for-profit clients and the valuable contribution of all their volunteers.

It was a pleasure for me, during a tour of southern Ontario, to stop in at the Unemployed Help Centre/Plentiful Harvest in Windsor and meet Mike Turnbull in person. Though they have been clients for several years, Mike and I had only “met” over the phone.

Mike not only introduced me to his kitchen team but took the time to give me a complete tour of the facility. In addition to providing help in integrating to the workforce, the team provide kitchen training to the local youth and some not so young, through social insertion programs.They provide over 200 meals per day to a local Meals on Wheels program. They also run a food bank for the local population in need and dozens of regional municipal programs, using fresh fruit and vegetables garnered from an active recuperation program with local farmers as well as industrial producers.

The dynamism of the group is positively inspiring, with numerous other projects in the works including among others, a community garden.

Thank you Mike for your warm welcome and congratulations to you and your team for your tremendous work.

Congratulations should also be extended to all our clients providing community support.

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