Welcome to LunchPails!

//Welcome to LunchPails!

Welcome to LunchPails!

LunchPails, is a school lunch caterer serving the Dufferin, Peel and Halton region west of Toronto.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome, Sharon Goulden, Jo-Ann Musa and their team.

Lunchpails already offer a healthier alternative to their competition, adding extra “hidden” portions of vegetables in their meals and extra seeds and nutrients in their deserts.

In the first place, the ecological aspect of Solpak trays adds to their advantage in comparisons to their competitors. Furthermore, the added security benefit of sealed trays is a bonus for them.

Finally, they will work with the 1308 heat sealer and press paper trays.

That being said, It is a pleasure to include LunchPails to the Solpak family and to contribute to their success.

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