We are thrilled to welcome The Lunch Lady Brampton to the Solpak family. 

The Lunch Lady has been a trusted school lunch provider for over 25 years. As school resumed this fall, The Lunch Lady franchises are here to help and provide solutions. They are ready to serve safely! 

In light of the new reality, The Lunch Lady Brampton added new programs to their offering: their Grab and Go Service, Pack & Go School Lunched delivered to your home ready for the next day, and finally Workplace Lunch Delivery services. 

To support them in their expansion, Pam chose Solpak as recommended by other Lunch Lady franchisees. Pam chose our very compact 1308 Tray Sealer to safely seal their meals in our biodegradable Pulped Paper trays. Once ready, a Lunch Lady employee delivers meals using our Thermal Delivery Bags to ensure they are delivered at the ideal temperature. 

Welcome to the Solpak family again, Pam! Thank you for trusting us with your meal thermal delivery systems.