We are proud to welcome The Lunch Lady Dunwin-Mississauga into the Solpak family. 

The Lunch Lady Dunwin-Mississauga is the 10th Lunch Lady franchise to join us, and we are no less proud. With its usual school lunch programs and its new senior meals and Meals to Go programs, The Lunch Lady Dunwin-Mississauga offers menus to satisfy all tastebuds.

Like other Lunch Lady franchises, safety is a number one priority for The Lunch Lady Dunwin-Mississauga. They now offer contactless thermal delivery options so that you, parents, teachers, and principals have one less thing on their mind. With covid-19, The Lunch Lady has implemented more measures to increase customers’ safety and well-being, especially vulnerable ones. Indeed, The Lunch Lady Dunwin-Mississauga prepares meals in its nut-free kitchen following strict protocols to meet allergy, food preferences, and safety requirements. 

To help expand their offering and support them in serving safe, tamper-evident meals, Malou chose our space-saving 1308 Tray Sealer to seal our Pulped Paper trays. Once meals are ready, her team will deliver them using our insulated Thermal Delivery bags, perfect for keeping meals at the ideal temperature.

Thank you for trusting Solpak, Malou! We wish you an excellent rest of the school year. 

Nous sommes fiers d’accueillir The Lunch Lady Dunwin-Mississauga au sein de la famille Solpak.