Our 10th year has already passed…

//Our 10th year has already passed…

Our 10th year has already passed…

10 years already, but the same vision

Slide1-1.jpgIt feels as though we have just planned Solpak 10-year anniversary activities, yet we are already well into our 11th.  In the same way our children grow, we barely see them change on the regular day-to-day but an anniversary becomes a truth shock: How they have changed!  I still remember my entrepreneur’s aspirations in my little basement storage room office.   The visions of a dynamic team, helping a group of happy clients with their own challenges, haunted me back then.  The first few customers who trusted us and our eco-friendly solutions came, then the first employees, then our first mistakes and growing pains.  Here we are, 10 years later with the same vision in us.


The desire to always do better

Slide2-1.jpgMore than 350 active and happy clients, a solid team of 10 members and privilege partners, a continued growth: As its Founder and president, I could not ask for better.  The desire to always do better is still strong, seems to inhabit ”Solpakians” hearts and feeds our many meetings where we actively work at identifying our current challenges and look to improve our methods.  How can we match our service levels to meet the growing demand?  What about keeping a healthy balance between our personal and business lives in the face of constant surges of work coming out of that growth?  They are constant considerations in keeping the vision alive and well.  If our 2016 client satisfaction survey is a good measure of our efforts, we are on the right path with great scores.  However, we can’t simply stop at past victories.


What does the future hold for us?

Slide3-1.jpgThe add-on or promotion of complementary product lines, the systematization of core processes to improve our offer while controlling our costs but more importantly a stronger focus on our expertise and sharing it to our clients.  We have developed through the years an expertise specific to our trade, i.e. prepared meals packaging, transporting and temperature control while doing all of that.  We aim to increase our advisory role in all these functions our clients must execute well so that THEIR products stay at the highest quality levels.  Those are the challenges we have set for ourselves in the next 10 years.


Thanks to all we have had the pleasure to work with so far and wishing all a long life!

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